Energy Conservation & Sustainability

Windows don’t always require replacement in order to see and feel big results in reducing energy usage; however, energy conservation and sustainability is one of the primary reasons for replacing windows that are considered to be obsolete, particularly replacing single-glazed sashes with double-glazed sashes. Currently, most manufacturers’ warranties for replacement windows are from 2 to 10 years; however, historic wood windows with minimal maintenance have a performance life of 60 to 100 years. Retaining and repairing existing windows also conserves embodied energy (i.e. the sum of the energy required to extract raw materials, manufacture, transport, and install building products). Replacement window materials – primarily aluminum, vinyl, and glass possess some of the highest levels of embodied energy of all building materials.

Older windows are renewable and repairable; however, newer thermal windows are not repairable and once the dual glazing seals are broken, they must be totally replaced. While the advantages

of double-paned windows are well known, a properly

weather-stripped, single-glazed sash window can greatly reduce or eliminate air, noise and air infiltration (where most energy is lost). The cost of weather stripping is nominal when compared to the price of replacement windows.


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