Five Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Charley

At the 5 year mark of Hurricane Charley’s pass through Southwest Florida Charlotte County residents reflect & celebrate their rebuilding progress.

This Saturday, August 15th 2009 at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda an official celebration of progress will be held.

In the wake of this celebration all Florida residents should review their property insurance policies to insure that they are properly covered in the event of any future storms. When reviewing this coverage keep in mind that if your home is a guaranteed replacement cost policy (which most homeowners policies are) you must legally have your home insured at 80% of it’s replacement cost for the insurance carrier to pay to have your home rebuilt if it is completely destroyed. Most insurance carriers in that write homeowners coverage in the state of Florida require that each home they insure be insured at the current replacement cost. But for some homeowners who may have had their policies for quite sometime & do not have inflation guard on their policy (this is a clause some carriers offer that will automatically increase the coverage on their home at each renewal in order to keep up with inflation) they maybe underinsured. To find out the current replacement cost of your home call your insurance agent or a property appraisal (done within the last year) can be used.

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