Roof Leak Repairs at Sterling Park Coach Light Estates in Casselberry Metro Orlando, FL Metro Orlando, FL Metro Orlando, FL Roof Leak Crisis

When your home or business has a roofing emergency or a roof leak in Indian Hills in Casselberry, FL, stopping the leak as soon as possible is a no brainer. But what do you do and who do you call? Call Timothy Parks at (407) 610-6771 or text us the information if you have any of the following emergency roofing problems.

• Hail Damages – When strong winds and heavy storms roll into your area, hail can occur. These frozen ice particles can really damage roofing membranes when they are strong enough. Hail is actually often supported along with strong winds.

• Wind Damages – Shingles can take heavy damages during severe winds. When prevailing winds are allowed in order to whip roofing shingles upward as well as down, they can easily break or even split off causing instant roofing leaks.

• Ice Damages – This roofing problem more often than not requires the attic structure and ventilation system to be analyzed and repaired. Ice dams on the roof and gutters can also cause severe roofing damages and roof leaks.

• Rain Damages – Sometimes, the rain itself can cause roofing leaks and other water damages. When rain is allowed to enter old, broken or damaged roofing, siding and windows it can instantly ruin the interior of your home or business, causing further damages from mold and mildew

Roof Penetrations

It’s no secret-when roof repairs are needed on your home or business, it’s best to get it repaired as soon as possible before further damages can take place. That’s why it’s no problem for us to handle any roof repair or emergency in the entire Northern Virginia area. Here at Timothy Parks Construction, Inc, we specialize in repairing any roof damages your home or business may have from heavy snow, hail, high winds and ice dams, so you can be sure you’re going to get your roof repaired as soon as possible and with the quality you deserve. After all, emergency roof repairs are bad enough without the hassle of having to wait for roofing contractors to finish your project.

When emergency roof repairs happen, it can be an extremely stressful situation to say the least. From tornados to hail to hurricane damage, roof repair problems from storm damages can be an emergency whether they are large or small.

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A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau of West Florida – Call Timothy Parks at (407) 610-6771 or text us the information if you have any of the following emergency roofing problems..


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